Rediscover choice

Simply express your transportation needs and choose the carrier that suits you (driver rating and profile, proximity, price, vehicles )


Independence without Commission

Independence without Commission


Equity and Freedom

The transport market place where bids are accessible to all 24/7

[ Harbin is an answer. ]

A world where people regain power, where each of us can choose the answer to his request, where collectivism and humanism come to disturb the established order and the diktats of the last century.

A more equitable world, more accessible for all.

More than a utopia ... A revolution.

Harbin is a platform that simply connects people, with different transportation needs with those who can meet them, directly without any commission. We believe that humans should be at the center of any process. Therefor, we focus on guaranteeing total independence to the user and an equitable distribution of wealth.

Your transport request

The easiest way to express your transportation needs to go somewhere or send something?

Press "Go"
Enter your destination
Carry what you want
where you want !
Select the means of transportation that suits you.
Post your request
Your request will not be sent to the nearest carrier but to all drivers and carriers available around you
You can narrow down your research by adding criteria and personal information like your schedule.

People, mail, parcels
Car hailing, Carpooling, Taxi, Carrier, Cyclists or Pedestrians
Near you or anywhere in the world, there is no limit.

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The Boss is no longer an Algorithm

You regain control, you decide of the price but not only!

Each carrier receives live-time notifications of all transport requests around him. Browse all transportation requests when you want, directly on the map or on your transporter dedicated space

All the information you need to make your offer : User profile and notation, Itinerary, Traffic Info. Set your price alone or choose the automatic configurator. Send!

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Bids that are right for you!

Who you want, where you want the price you choose

Harbin lets you choose the offer that suits you according to your criteria!
Choose your carrier according to its rating, profile or vehicle
The closest to you ?
Want to save money ?
Choose your price and the qualification of your driver:
Car hailing, Taxi, Carpooler
Do not hesitate to chat if you have a specific request!
Then finalise your choice
Harbin keeps you updated on your rides at any given moment!
During your ride Harbin allows you to share information about your ride with your peers and to access customer support 24/7 in real time.
Because your security is our priority

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They tested Habrin ...

HARBIN, an extraordinary DNA

Human at the service of human

Equity, freedom and transparency are among the values that guided us throughout the process of creating Harbin. Forced to admit that the processes of trade are most often based on pyramid schemes where customers and service providers are at the end of this chain, we felt the urgency to offer an alternative response, based on a fair model by giving back choice and independence to all parties.

The same is true of Harbin's mode of retribution., We do not take a commission related to the cost of the ride because we value the effort and work provided by the carrier. What we do is monetize our IT services based on the use of the application through optional purchases and in-app advertising without reducing user experience to ensure the best use.

The process becomes horizontal, leaving our users completely free of their decisions. Our intervention is limited to the regulation of our users communication in accordance with the various territorial regulations and to maintain the necessary transparency between the users to allow them to make their decisions in complete safety. Harbin, in equity we believe

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